FAX4430NF – 15ppm

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High-performance faxing for workgroups.

Large workgroups perform hundreds—if not thousands—of individual document management tasks every day. To maintain high productivity in these demanding, fast-paced environments, you need easy-to-use systems that deliver exceptional efficiency and productivity. The network-ready Ricoh FAX4430NF is a network ready machine that comes standard with a full range of advanced fax features, plus copying and scanning. Its memory back up ensures that your documents are not lost in the event of an outage or interruption, and its advanced security features prevent disclosure of pin codes or other sensitive data. With the 440NF’s inbound routing, your incoming faxes can be sent directly to the appropriate email address. This series prints at 15 pages per minute and features dual access and multi-access, allowing two functions to be performed simultaneously to streamline the efficiency of your workgroup.

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