SP 3600SF – 31ppm

Ricoh SP 3600SF

Use less energy while getting more done

Whether you’re printing high-quality black-and-white documents for yourself — or sending them to somebody else — use the Ricoh SP 3600SF as your go-to printer or all your printing, copying, scanning, and faxing needs to collaborate with others. This compact device takes up less space and less time, and includes standard double-sided printing, so you can print on both sides of the paper to cut paper use without sacrificing resolution or quality. At 31 pages-per-minute, the SP 3600 is a low-cost but powerful solution for all of your low-volume needs, revolutionizing the way general offices and small to medium workgroups get things done. Its straight-forward user settings will allow everyone in your business to utilize its robuts features with minimal downtime or workflow interruption. And, because it consumes less than one watt of energy while in Sleep Mode, you can take advantage of a low typical electricity consumption (TEC) value to reduce your energy bill every month.

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