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MP 3055

Turn everyday into an easy day

Your workday never slows down, and neither should your workflows. Using the Ricoh MP 3055, it’s easier than ever to share information with the people who need it most, in the format they prefer. Delivering crisp images and text at 30 pages per minute, this Multifunction Printer (MFP) enables you to get work done quickly and efficiently. Ricoh’s advanced Smart Operation Panel is designed to simplify all your tasks using the same pinch-and-flick and scrolling gestures you use on your mobile devices. Toggle between jobs quickly, and with fewer menus to get more done more efficiently. By customizing your home panel with the shortcuts and workflows you use most, you can access and share your critical information with just a few taps and flicks, eliminating the hassle of going through repetitive manual tasks.

Being on the go doesn’t need to slow you down. Connect remotely to get the word out quickly using your Android or Apple devices. The Ricoh MP 3055 enables you to connect directly to your device or the Cloud, so you can print emails, attachments, and other important information wherever you are. Ricoh’s software solutions are also designed to reduce your workflow, allowing you to digitize, organize, and distribute your documents almost instantly without compromising security. The security features of the Ricoh MP 3055 keep your documents secure so only authorized users can access them. User authentication also allows you to set print quotas for individuals and work groups, allowing you to keep track of sensitive information and control your impact on the environment. Streamline your most important administrative duties by automating document management workflows, security controls, costs, and chargebacks, so you can spend your time where you’re needed most. .

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