MP 305SPF – 30ppm

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mp 305spf

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At 30 pages per minute, the new black and white Ricoh MP 305SPF is an innovative system that boasts versatile performance so you can work faster and be more productive — whether you’re printing, copying, scanning, or faxing. The compact MP 305SPF combines all of the utility of a larger device in one compact machine that is ideal for any low volume environment. Even though this Multifunction Printer is small, Ricoh’s new Workstyle Innovation Technology allows you to simplify your workflow with a large user-friendly control panel that’s easy to read and navigate.

The MP 305SPF’s all digital operation panel utilizes the same touch and drag technology of your smartphone and tablet, providing you with a new way to work, so you can accomplish more while working less. The highly customizable touch controls allow you to set shortcuts for all your most used processes, so you can toggle between jobs and tasks with a single swipe. With the ability to create your own workflows to skip all the unnecessary steps, accessing your information from the Cloud to print and scan is simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Nobody knows your schedule better than you, and the Ricoh MP 305SPF has a wide variety of eco-friendly features to reduce your costs. This unit is capable of syncing to your schedule, powering on or off automatically, and can track usage across jobs to reduce page volumes, saving more than just papers and supplies.

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