MP C3004ex – 30ppm

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mp c3004ex

Extend what you can do effortlessly

Your business revolves around big ideas and the ability to communicate them effortlessly, and with the Ricoh MP C3004ex, it’s easier than ever. The extended capabilities of this multifunction printer include everything you need to keep things running quickly and efficiently, with as little downtime as possible. With Ricoh’s 10.1” Smart Operation Panel and Workstyle Innovation Technology, you can automate everyday tasks with customized icons. The user-friendly interface enables you to complete even complex jobs with the touch of a finger. Print, scan, copy, and fax in exceptional color detail and with high speeds. With the ability to execute all of your most frequently performed tasks with just one tap, you don’t have to bother with the hassle of numerous manual steps that would otherwise slow you down. Complete more jobs with fewer delays, so your message reaches your audience as quickly as you need it to.

The Ricoh MP C3004ex is a powerful multifunction color printer that boasts speeds of 30 pages per minute, with breathtaking colors and professional finishing. Using your own smartphones and tablets, you can print on the move without the hassle of software or drivers. Share documents and images instantly, and use your address book to send copies of documents directly to your contacts. With Ricoh’s advanced monitoring capabilities, you can even track what jobs you perform most often, identifying where to set print quotas that will lower costs.

This MFP will do more than save on expenses. New advancements allow for more sustainable solutions to the same old problems, and this multifunction printer will improve your bottom line while protecting the environment. The Ricoh MP C3004ex’s innovative motion sensor will sense approaching users, allowing it to wake up from its power saving mode in a matter of seconds. Ricoh’s eco-friendly widgets will encourage reduced power consumption. Setting this device to power down when the office is empty is quick and simple, so you never have to worry about someone forgetting to switch it off before heading home.

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