MP C3504 – 35ppm

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Simplify complex tasks with a new way to work

The Ricoh MP C3504 is the latest in Ricoh’s Workstyle Innovation Technology, designed to support all of your business needs. This device features enhanced usability, allowing you to integrate multiple processes across organizations of all size with ease. Your workload no longer has to be disrupted, wherever you are. The Ricoh MP C3504 allows you to print on the go using your own smart devices such as your phone or tablet seamlessly. All it takes is a tap, and you’ll be sharing documents and photos between the MFP and your phone. Print and copy up to 35 pages per minute in full, vivid, high resolution color on the . Whether you’re copying handwritten notes, or creating photo brochures, this reliable copy machine is capable of managing more projects with fewer interruptions.

The utility of the Ricoh MP C3504 doesn’t stop there; it actively works to save you valuable time to do the things that matter most to your business. The built in motion sensor not only saves energy — it also ensures that this device is ready to work when you are, whether you’re accessing your files in the Cloud, or the documents stored right on the device. The intuitive color touch screen uses the same swipe and drag technology as your other smart devices, and allows you to customize your own shortcuts for the processes you utilize most frequently, and the wide range of scan-to capabilities enable you to share information digitally with anyone, anywhere. The Ricoh MP C3504 is optimized to work the way you do, streamlining your workflow with easy-to-use functionality.

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