MP C4504ex – 45ppm

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mp c4504ex

Extend productivity in your own way

Revolutionize the way you do business with the latest in Ricoh Managed Print Solutions — the Ricoh MP C4504ex. This versatile multifunction printer can keep up with even the most fast-paced environments, with speeds of 45 pages per minute. Produce bright and vivid texts and images with just a few swipes using Ricoh’s Smart Operation Panel. Whether you’re printing spreadsheets or full-color brochure, this MFP can keep up with all of your document needs. This color multifunction printer re-calibrates as it processes files, so your colors never deteriorate, page after page.

With the familiar functionality of a tablet, you can simplify your workflow and cut down on the hassle of maneuvering through settings by creating custom shortcuts for all your most used processes. By utilizing your own smartphones and tablets, you can even print on the go. Your business never slows down, and neither should your technology. By adding the Ricoh MP C4504ex to your fleet, productivity will remain in your grasp no matter where you are. With Ricoh’s advanced monitoring capabilities, you can even track what jobs you perform most often, identifying where to set print quotas that will lower costs.

The Ricoh MP C4504ex will do more than save on expenses. New advancements allow for more sustainable solutions to the same old problems. This MFP’s innovative motion sensor will sense approaching users, allowing it to wake up from its power saving mode in a matter of seconds. Ricoh’s eco-friendly widgets will encourage reduced power consumption. Setting this device to power down when the office is empty is quick and simple, so you never have to worry about someone forgetting to switch it off before heading home.

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