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pro 5200s

Keep your production print operation relevant, viable and competitive

Satisfy all your production printer needs with the compact and versatile Ricoh Pro C5200s. This powerful machine increases productivity and lowers printing costs, so you can impress your customers and expand your marketing strategies. This multifunction digital production system provides expansive capabilities and state-of-the-art technology that are ideal for corporate departments, franchise printers, and commercial printers. From the simple to the complex, the Ricoh Pro C5200s delivers vibrant color, a wide array of media choices, and numerous finishing options. With speeds of 65 pages per minute, you can improve your productivity and your output without sacrificing the quality that will impress your customers and your audience.

Strengthen your reputation for high quality and first-rate service, with precise and repeatable results that will make you stand out in your industry. The Ricoh Pro C5200s delivers crisp, clear text and images of rich color, using innovative printing processes that will raise the bar for how you do business. Customers will keep coming back for more, and with the ability to produce professional materials on demand, whether you need a bound book or professional-quality displays, you don’t have to keep them waiting. Coordinating with customers and proofing your work is easier than ever before. With the Pro C5200s, scan full-color documents and share them electronically with scan-to capabilities such as scan-to-email and scan-to-url, so you can make the changes you need as quickly as you need them. You can even transfer files directly from your USB, improving customer experience while gaining internal efficency.

Your space might be limited, but your business shouldn’t. The Ricoh Pro C5200s is an affordable, powerful multifunction production printer that will keep up with all the demands of your fast-paced business. .

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