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PJ WX4141N WX4141Ni

Short-throw projection with far-reaching results.

When you’re in the middle of a presentation, do you want your audience to notice the message or the projection system? The RICOH PJ WX4141N is the replacement for the PJ WX4130 and PJ WX4130N which packs cutting-edge innovations — including network connectivity, remote management and optional interactive features — into a space-saving footprint for more compelling, less distracting presentations. The ultra-short throw projector can be placed within inches of any flat, vertical surface in offices, classrooms and public spaces for bright, crisp displays up to 80 inches diagonal without shadows, noise or glare. This projector be used as a mobile or installed solution.

With an industry leading throw distance, the WX4141N can be placed between 4.5” and 9.5” away from the screen turning virtually any space into a meeting room. Both models have standard wired and wireless network support for wireless presentations of remote management. This projector automatically detects keystone distortion and balance images for clarity. Presenters can manually adjust the colors of projected images in relation to the background color on the wall, whiteboard or blackboard. In addition, its intuitive control panel and handheld remote control let you navigate menu screens and access other innovative features without missing a beat during the presentation.

Ricoh’s next generation of projector next-generation posses a higher 3300 luminance rating for a brighter picture, longer lamp hour life for a lower TCO, full Blu-ray 3D image projection, and audio out capability. There is support for the Quick Projection utility, Macintosh networks, the ability to display images from digital cameras, get firmware update notifications through @Remote, plus a number of timer and eco-friendly features. Several brand new features add even more value: A Power Timer function allows users to program On/Off periods for digital signage applications. DiMAGIC’s sound technology and a larger speaker grill are used to improve audio quality. Its compact, lightweight design simplifies transport, or you can easily mount it on a wall or set it on a table for everyday convenience. Use it to replace traditional whiteboards and make every presentation more interactive and engaging.

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