Equipment Training

Hands-on Training

At ROA we care about your productivity, and we want to ensure that your equipment is operating with maximum efficiency. We offer hands on equipment training for all of our products. We schedule in-person sessions around you and the availability of your employees. Our training specialists are devoted to helping you learn the ins and outs of your machines so you can operate them with confidence.

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“I just wanted to send a thank you to commend and compliment a training session just completed with me by John. I had called initially due to my desire to scan custom sized photos and was unable to do so properly. He listened carefully and paid attention to my request for the task I was trying to complete. He saw the problem I was having and was patient in trying to walk me through it. He persevered with several methods to get me to what I needed and figured out, himself, how to custom size my scan and finally get what I needed done scanned properly to me. John also changed a couple of settings on our machine which will enable us to do a couple of things much more quickly and efficiently, I can’t wait for these features to ease certain tasks better now. The customer service I received today was high quality and greatly appreciated.”