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‘Clickable Paper’- Get Mobile Interactive Experience

Friday, August 28, 2015

Clickable paper is an innovative cutting edge technology. The clickable paper technology uses visual search components instead of conventional barcode or QR codes; thus, providing a media rich experience to the user. It is a single touch operation – all the user has to do is to click the image or text or map using their mobile or tablet using an App.

Clickable paper can act as a single touch portal to various online services like websites, e-commerce portals, social media networks and multimedia platforms. The advantage of this technology is one can use the existing print media as well as the ones which are planned for print. The hotspots can be set on documents that can range from images, photos, drawings to multi-lingual texts. Clickable Paper technology is compatible with various documents such as Newspapers, magazines, direct mail pieces, books, images, brochures, packaging and posters. By clicking on them the user is provided actionable options like make a phone call, send email, open a map or tweet. Since it is an integrated approach, there is no need to create the content separately for print and digital media. All that is required is to indicate that this document is enabled for Clickable Paper.

The entire ecosystem consist of three major subsystems namely

Authoring:The Process of uploading the print documents, creating hotspots in documents and assigning the relevant media rich content to the hotspots into cloud server. In effect, authoring is making your document compatible with Clickable Paper.

Cloud Server:A secured server dedicated to maintain, index the uploaded documents and the rich media contents. It also analyses the image sent from user device such as mobile or tablet, matches and delivers the rich media results to the user device as per user requirements.

Mobile Apps: Allows users to take the pictures and send it to the cloud server. It displays the results in a user friendly layout and enables mobile users to take media rich actions quickly.

The benefits of Clickable Paper technology are many such as no need to recreate or reformat the source materials, enable the print media with extensive interactive capabilities, modify the content without changing the print media, enabling faster action responses for mobile users and better data analytics due to centralized data architecture. It also overcomes the limitations of QR code as it directly depicts the products or objects and also provides multiple links instead of a single link provided by QR code. In fact this technology greatly bridges the gap between the print and digital media.