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The Benefits of Document Management Systems (DMS) with Integrated Portals

Friday, March 15, 2019

Electronic documents are increasingly overtaking the use of paper. Every day, businesses produce hundreds if not thousands of electronic documents that can become quite challenging to organize, store, and manage.

A Document Management System(DMS) is a must for organizations that want to automate, streamline, and optimize their document-driven processes. A DMS can control every aspect of electronic file and document management, including storing files in a secure central repository that can be accessed by authorized users at any time, from anywhere.

DMS portals in the form of dashboards make it easier for organizations to access information. Portals were originally called Digital Experience Platforms since they can personalize experiences, draw information from different sources across an organization, and integrate existing systems.

Among the benefits that organizations can gain from implementing a DMS with an integrated portal include:

Enhanced Productivity

Research shows that an employee can spend 30-40 percent of his time looking for information buried in email messages or locked in filing cabinets.

The value of a portal integrated in your DMS is realized when employees can access information and applications anytime, anywhere. A web-based portal provides employees and customers with a single access point to information and different existing applications which can be accessed quickly and easily on a desktop or mobile device.

Efficient Collaboration

There was a time when collaboration meant emailing documents back and forth. Nowadays, it means working on documents simultaneously with the help of DMS. Collaboration through an integrated portal is optimized by the creation of social elements and shared workspaces.

Now, there’s no need to physically meet at a particular place when working on a project since it can be easily done through the built-in portal of your DMS.

Timely Actionable Insights

Generating Key Performance Indicators (KPI) information from multiple business systems can be made easier using portals. The DMS portals that can show aggregated data from multiple applications via a single dashboard, resulting in faster and improved decision making by top management.

Managed Data

A web portal is a place where information from different sources are compiled into a single user interface. Organizations can update their corporate documents, procedures, and other resources and access it with one click. This can significantly reduce printing and distribution costs.

Ultimately, increased business efficiency is the main benefit of a document management system that has an integrated portal. If you’re one of the organizations that need the benefits mentioned above, there are third-party providers that specialize in this technology.

Rabbit Office Automation(ROA) can help you overcome today’s challenges in a cloud-first world by delivering office automation through digital technologies. With over 30 years of proven track record in providing highly functional, top-quality copier and printing equipment tailored to meet your specific requirements, ROA offers solutions that can eliminate redundancy and efficiency by streamlining your document workflow and helps you reduce waste and environmental impact by using less paper. Talk to our experts today to know your best options.

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