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Habitat for Humanity’s Playhouse Program

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rabbit Builds a Playhouse for Charity

This Summer, the Rabbit Office Automation team collaborated with the East Bay Habitat for Humanity’s Playhouse Program in a continuing effort to help build a better community.

After contributing a donation to cover the materials, we set aside a half-day on June 6th to gather at our Silicon Valley location and turn our parking lot into a mini-construction zone! Family members joined us as we picked up our hammers and paintbrushes and set to work putting together a playhouse that would eventually go to a charity of Habitat for Humanity’s choice.

What started as diagrams and a pile of boards came together to create a brightly decorated house ROA was proud to return to Habitat for Humanity at the end of the day. Applying our ROA work ethic to a cause that would help our community was a fun and enriching experience that we will happily repeat in the future. We were also pleased to hear that our playhouse was later auctioned off at a fundraiser hosted by the San Lorenzo Valley Historical Society, a nonprofit organization that works to preserve and share the history of the San Lorenzo Valley.

Getting Involved

Working as a team to change the lives of families in need doesn’t happen overnight, and ROA would like to encourage all of our partners to join us in our efforts to better the community. Thankfully, participating is easy! After donating $2,000 to cover the cost of the materials and support Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to create affordable housing, sponsoring groups gather at locations of their choice. They can utilize their own facilities, or meet at the Playhouse Program’s workshop. Once your house is complete, you can donate it to the charity of your choice, or ask about one of the charities Habitat for Humanity frequently partners with.

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