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Hidden Security Threats in Multifunction Printers

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Individuals and business owners adopt different techniques to protect their computers and networks from virus and malware attacks. However, they often fail to protect multifunction printers primarily because they are unaware of possible threats. Several security experts believe such printers commonly used in offices and homes pose many risks to the networks because most people do not believe these to be threatening.

Assessing the Threats

A multifunction printer connected through a network provides access to the entire network is not protected against threats. Although experts have been encouraging users to close these gaps, most owners and employees are slow to recognize the threats. It is worth noting that the networked printer poses the same level of hacking threats as posed by computers and other devices. This is why it is crucial for business owners to have IT professionals take the necessary measures to assess the risks and protect network printers from the same.

Cost of Breaches

  • A Forbes report shows the average cost of security breach to be about five and half million dollars for a company
  • In addition, it compromises the reputation of the business
  • Inadequacy in protecting confidential information results in loss of credibility with suppliers, customers, and potential clients
  • This significantly increases the cost incurred by companies due to lack of security

Majority of users consider greatest security risks arise only from computers; however, multifunction printers can be used by hackers to launch attacks if the access points are not adequately protected. The threat is even more real because most employers and the employees are completely unaware that such printers pose risks to the safety of confidential information.

Securing such Printers

Several companies now recognize the risk and often choose to acquire printers that come with the required security programs. Some other businesses work with vendors specializing in securing printer solutions. These agencies comprehend the inherent security requirements of multifunction printers better than most other companies. Their expertise lies in delivering reliable security solutions that work 24×7. There is no need to be skeptical while purchasing such printers; however, ensuring these are protected against security threats when used in networks is crucial.