How and Why Should Non-Profit Institutions Track Print Usage and Cost?

Monday, May 20, 2019

Sixty-four percent of organizations can’t track printer usage and cost—and non-profit and non-government organizations are no exception. In other words, they can’t track how much their print devices are costing them, as well as how their devices are being used. Ninety-percent of businesses have been breached because of insecure printing, and this is due to the companies’ lack of tracking mechanisms for printer usage, which also prevents them from tracking printer usage costs to optimize IT budgets.

Benefits of Tracking Print Usage and Cost

Non-profit and non-government organizations need to be transparent and must account for how assets are utilized as well as how documents are being managed for audit purposes.

Document management solutions not only give NGOs and NPOs the ability to account for their costs and asset utilization, it also enables staff and volunteers to connect and collaborate, control incoming and outgoing documentation work in the organization, and immediately access documents with a few clicks.

Document Management Solutions: What to Look For

Choosing the right document management solutions is an essential part of running any organization. Outdated, missing, or incomplete information can have a big impact on your organization by delaying decisions, compromising cases, and hindering the work of your employees and volunteers.

Keeping your documents in a central and secure location that is easily accessible ensures that you have the most recent, up-to-date version of whatever documents you need. Combing through files or folders and searching for email attachments has become a thing of the past.

Also, NGOs and NPOs need a Managed Print Strategy, which helps simplifies complex output environments, cuts printing costs, and creates print strategy packages that are tailored to NGO's and NPO's needs.

The need for office automation

Office automation frees you from the challenges and complexities brought on by files, folders, and email attachments.

When implemented correctly, office automation helps maximize business productivity by increasing operational efficiency. It eliminates redundancy and inefficiency by streamlining document workflows and reduces waste and environmental impact by using less paper and other resources. To address not only possible downtime but also malware and other threats, office automation helps ensure equipment uptime by delivering high-quality products and responsive service with enhanced security. Overall, the result is an increased return on investment achieved by lowering the total cost of ownership.

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With our over 30 years proven track-record in providing highly functional, top-quality copier and printing equipment tailored to meet your specific requirements, we offer complete services from reliable copier equipment to strategic document management solutions designed to help your organization increase process efficiency and effectiveness, while lowering costs and promoting a more sustainable environment.

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