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Rabbit Helping Parents

Monday, December 29, 2014

Annual Holiday Celebration

On December 6th 2014, Rabbit Office Automation was proud to kick off the holidays with the Parents Helping Parents annual Holiday Party for children with special needs. Parents Helping Parents (PHP) is a non-profit resource center that offers educational programs, health services, and support networks for children and adults with special needs and their families. Every month the PHP hosts meetings for families and children, acting as a powerful resource for people of any background who need support.

To help celebrate 10 years of making Christmas special, ROA made a large donation to PHP in addition to volunteering time, gifts, craft items, and food. Volunteers showed up dressed in their favorite holiday clothes and festive gear, taking pictures, wrapping presents, and helping with the petting zoo.The event was full of fun activities and plenty of smiling faces.


This year was an overwhelming success and ROA was happy to play a part. The wonderful members of PHP were kind enough to share some of their holiday statistics with us, which we are going to share with you:


  1. ♪ 438 Families ♫
    ♪ 200 Stuffed Animals ♫
    ♪ 190 Polaroid Pictures ♫
    ♪ 87 Volunteers ♫
    ♪ 17 Mega rolls of wrapping paper ♫
    ♪ 14 animals in the petting zoo ♫
    ♪ 8 Hours of post-Christmas bargain shopping ♫
    ♪ 3 Jolly Santas ♫
    ♪ And a partridge in a pear tree ♫

The celebrations were a wonderful success, and Rabbit looks forward to volunteering again next year. If you would like to know more about PHP, visit their website and learn how you can get involved in the community.