The Right Printer for Central Reprographics Departments

Friday, August 9, 2019

Reprographics is a blanket term covering multiple methods of reproducing content, namely scanning, photography, xerography, and digital printing. It also applies to physical and digital reproductions of documents and images.

While printing is being outsourced nowadays, market trends coupled with current improvements in technology is bringing it back inhouse. According to IDC, 40% of companies still have a central reprographics department (CRD) or print room that prints client-facing documentation, such as newsletters, customer sales, and marketing collateral. In another study by Global Print 2025, seventy-eight percent of companies find that the paperless office is somewhat unrealistic, especially those who think that printing is still important to their daily business operations.

CRDs are one of the biggest cost centers for any small and medium-sized businesses when you consider the cost of paper, hardware, maintenance, and the staff to manage the printers. Moreover, they are faced with competitive pressures to deliver fast turnarounds, outstanding color services and offer more value-added print services.

So what should organizations with CRDs do?

In order to satisfy the need to print inhouse and to reduce associated costs, organizations should search for the right printer for their specific needs. Organizations can either purchase a printer that is suitable for their needs or lease it from a Managed Print Services provider.

Rabbit Office Automation (ROA) offers a managed print service that will simplify complex output environments and reduce printing costs for all kinds of organizations. ROA’s Managed Print Strategy can:

  • Assess the current-state costs and workflows and provide device maps to draw attention to unnecessary costs.
  • Establish rules-based printing to reduce waste.
  • Remove underused devices and consolidate output among fewer centralized systems.
  • Track output activity across the organization so you pay only for the actual page count, thus helping you save on your monthly charge.
  • Supply devices that ensure secure printing, file encryption, removable hard drives and other techniques to give you improved security.

ROA uses Ricoh printers that are perfect for central reprographics departments.
Ricoh's Pro C5210s, for example, can handle vertical market requirements effortlessly.
With its superior image quality, extensive substrate support, robust finishing options and enhanced digital capabilities, the Pro C5210s can provide businesses, small to mid-sized print shops and high-volume printing environments with capabilities to produce short run, quick-turnaround jobs inhouse. Talk to our experts today to know your best options.

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