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ROA Partners with Silicon Valley High School to Empower Underserved Students

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rabbit Office Automation (ROA) is always on a mission to help educational institutions empower students. But its partnership with Cristo Rey San José High School gives ROA the opportunity to provide students with more than just technology solutions –– it also gives them hope, inspiration, and faith in themselves.

Cristo Rey San José High School, a Jesuit school founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, is an answer to the high dropout rates in the region. The school exclusively serves students from minority, low-income families (most of whom are Hispanic) who want to achieve their dreams of earning a college degree. The school aims to help end the cycle of poverty by offering underprivileged students quality college prep education and four years of real work experience through its unique Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP).

Building a Sustainable Pipeline of Talents

Since 2015, ROA has been involved with Cristo Rey’s Work Study Program –– the school’s signature and differentiating component. The program is an adjunct to Cristo Rey’s curriculum in which students are given the opportunity to work at Silicon Valley’s leading tech companies. It allows corporate partners like ROA to hire a group of students for full-time, entry-level jobs.

Four students, who have attended a multi-week Summer Workplace Training Program before the school year, team up to share one nine-to-five job and rotationally report to work Monday through Friday during the entire academic year. This allows students to juggle work and studies more effectively –– without sacrificing one for the other.

An Opportunity to Give Back

The program gives both ROA and students a competitive advantage. ROA is provided with well-trained, reliable workers and diverse talent for the “Future Workplace.” It also offers ROA an opportunity to give back to the community by cultivating, mentoring, and inspiring tomorrow’s human resources.

ROA does not directly recompense the students they hire. Instead, as the school’s policy, the partner company pays an annual fee to the CSWP, which accounts for about 50% of the students’ tuition.

“Students will earn more than $3 million this year,” says Matt Bell, the school’s director of the Work Study Program. “The work study program not only helps students offset the cost of their tuition, but also provides them with valuable work skills, instills accountability and confidence, and offers access to positive, professional role models.”

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