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Speed and Security: Recommended Printers for Healthcare Institutions

Monday, April 8, 2019

Finding the right printers for your healthcare organization can be tricky. You have to consider a lot of factors apart from cost. You need to ensure security of patient data to avoid costly consequences. Speed is also crucial because slow document processing can result in frustration and a drop in customer satisfaction.

Rabbit Office Automation (ROA) has a rich portfolio of printer products designed to provide the speed and security that healthcare organizations need to remain efficient and competitive. Here's what sets our printers apart from ordinary devices:

Security and Compliance

Vulnerable printers can be an open door for intrusion into the corporate network. This is why ROA offers only secure printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) that are designed, manufactured, and implemented with security as a core requirement.

Ricoh printers and MFPs, for example, have advanced security firmware that safeguards regulated media from theft and mishandling. They limit user access to locking trays through PIN codes or via an optional ID card reader, and use a digital signature to judge firmware validity. Aside from this, Ricoh devices are built using a Ricoh-only Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) to ensure superior healthcare data security.

Lock Down Regulated Media

ROA offers Ricoh printers and MFPs that have a standard built-in locking tray to help protect regulated healthcare media, such as pre-printed prescription forms and pre-printed checks, from theft and unauthorized viewing. RICOH SP 5300DNTL Black and White Laser Printer, for one, has a built-in Teflon-enhanced locking paper tray with security firmware, which ensures reliable media feeding when printing on adhesive-backed labels and wristband media as narrow as 4.25".

Speed Through Heavy Workloads

Ricoh printers and MFPs allow you to attain new heights of productivity without sacrificing quality. Ricoh’s SP 4510SFTE printer has a powerful controller and comes with 1 GB of RAM. It can easily handle simultaneous print jobs and large files while providing professional print quality of up to 42 pages per minute at 1,200 dpi. This will ensure that printing tasks won't cause any delays and hinder the completion of more mission-critical activities in your organization.

Ricoh devices also allow you to reduce maintenance while maintaining smooth workflows. It enables you to spend less time and money on printer upkeep by extending the life of your consumables.

Print And Share Anywhere, In Real Time

By investing in printers and MFPs that can support your mobility strategies, you can empower your healthcare staff to do more even outside of your organization's premises.

Ricoh printers provide incredible print convenience in the palm of your hand. You can simply use your mobile devices to send information securely from the personal device or cloud applications of your choice directly to the SP 5300DNTL for printing. With RICOH Smart Device Connector app and RICOH App for Google Cloud Print, you can access information and print from anywhere.

Ricoh devices also enable you to connect and work from the cloud and take your information with you. Its Integrated Cloud Environment service allows printing from or scanning to apps like DocumentMall, Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive — all without using expensive on-site servers, system integration, or software updates.

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