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Staplers and Filing Cabinets Are a Thing of the Past: Here's Why Legal Firms Need e-Filing Solutions

Monday, April 22, 2019

Legal professionals need to scan, skim, and scrutinize a truckload of documents on a daily basis. Document management in itself is a complex and laborious task, particularly when done traditionally or manually.

While traditional file organization has various advantages, the speed, security, and agility requirements of today’s market require legal firms to rethink how they manage their records.

How can e-Filing solutions help legal firms optimize their document management?

Increased Efficiency

Document Management solutions like ROA’s MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management allow legal firms to keep their documents in a central, secure, and easily accessible location. It helps ensure that they have the most recent, up-to-date version of whatever documents they need. It frees them from the mundane task of combing through files and folders just to get the information they need. It also enables them to manage their documents without hiring people to do the "dirty work."

Greater Security

Filing cabinets alone cannot ensure the security and protection of legal records from human errors, security attacks, and natural disasters.

By using ROA’s Document Management solution, legal firms can take advantage of security capabilities that traditional methods fail to provide, including protection against data loss, frequent document backups, and offsite data storage. They also allow for full compliance with industry regulations.

More Environment-Friendly

e-Filing solutions enable legal firms to radically minimize their resource usage, which can have a positive impact not only on their financial health but also on the health of the environment. Paper waste can be radically reduced when data is documented digitally and stored electronically in a central and secure location.

Investing in multifunction printers (MFPs) that do more than just print documents but also allow for electronic document sharing can also minimize resource usage. MFPs like Ricoh's SP C261SFNw promote a greener environment not just by reducing paper waste but also by minimizing energy usage. With an EPEAT® Silver rating and ENERGY STAR® certification, it has a low TEC value of just 1.5 kWh/week and comes with a low carbon footprint.

More Appealing to Younger Lawyers

Manual, traditional document management methods can be a turnoff for the younger generation of lawyers. To attract and retain younger legal professionals, it can be helpful to implement e-Filing solutions that can cater to their need for more mobility and flexibility.

When choosing the right e-Filing solutions, however, legal firms should ensure that it can easily be integrated with their current systems and infrastructure (for example, with their practice and case management software products). ROA's e-Filing solutions are compatible with practice and case management software products including AbacusLaw, Firm Central, Clio, and PracticePanther Legal.

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