Streamlining the Legal Practice with Smart Printers

Friday, June 7, 2019

The legal industry is intimately familiar with paper — nearly every activity performed at law offices requires the filing or management of documents. In fact, research suggests that about one to three percent of annual revenues goes towards working with documents in one way or another. This is why over the years, there has been a concentrated effort to improve IT adoption in the legal practice, as better systems can help generate more efficient workflows and higher quality outcomes.

Printing is one of the most important components to address in order to improve efficiency. Of the costs involved in document output, about 30% of is allocated for ink and toner supplies and equipment maintenance. Similarly, an earlier survey by the International Legal Technology Association found that almost 50% of a legal office’s IT purchases are printers and multifunctional devices. And if you factor in photocopiers to that category, the cost goes up to around 69%.

All these expenses are justified. After all, the legal practice relies on the careful and proper handling of paper or digitized documents. Furthermore, there are strict rules that govern how these files are accessed and managed. At Rabbit Office Automation, we are dedicated to helping you streamline your legal practice using Ricoh’s range of smart and multifunctional printers. You can enjoy all-in-one power and performance with Ricoh's MP C8003 which allows you to save on transmission costs via its paperless faxing feature. It also enables you to print wirelessly from your device or from your favorite cloud applications on demand.

Moreover, Ricoh’s printers let you:

  • Compile digital documents with higher efficiency, security, and sustainability
  • Improve workflow and productivity in your office, such as tracking production for time-consuming processes; and
  • Are compatible with
    • AbacusLaw
    • Firm Central
    • Clio
    • PracticePanther Legal
    • CosmoLex
    • HoudiniEsq
    • MarcusCase
    • Jarvis Legal
    • App4Legal
    • MyCase

You can rely on our products to enhance document management, improve data and information security, and increase cost savings and efficiency. Talk to our team to find the best printer for your needs!

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