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Thinking of Going Paperless? A Multi-function Printer Might Be Just What You Need

Friday, September 7, 2018

Ever wonder why there are still many people that have yet to embrace the “paperless” movement? It may be that they just love paper — the feel, the texture, and the satisfaction that comes with holding something substantial in your hand.

In the corporate world, however, the reluctance to go paperless may have more practical reasons. In one survey, almost half of respondents admitted that they have no workflow capability or Document Management System in place. Others are hindered because of compliance or regulatory requirements. The survey also revealed that the top trigger for paperless implementation is a mandate from top management, followed by the cost savings it will give to the organization.

Why Go Paperless?

First and foremost, going paperless will lessen your organization’s environmental impact. Second, going paperless will not only reduce your paper consumption, it will also streamline your business operations. Digitizing your paper documents makes it possible to instantly retrieve information without leaving your desk. Digital files can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Going paperless will also reduce operating costs, facilitate better collaboration, and simplify disaster recovery. Paperless organizations will also have greater control over their digital documents’ security and compliance requirements. That is why 72 percent of enterprises already have some paper-free processes in place and are planning to add more.

Transitioning to Digital

Going paperless doesn’t happen overnight. Transitioning your documents and workflow to a digital platform involves a significant investment in the right equipment and ecosystem. Digitizing your physical documents—such as records, files, contracts, communication, tax forms, etc.—requires a robust document scanning solution.

A multifunction printer which can print, copy, scan, and fax documents might be the right choice for some organizations, especially for those who believe that going “paperless” is incredibly unrealistic. Here’s why:

  • Print / Copy

    Some businesses may still require hard copies, especially if a document includes original or notarized signatures such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and contracts. Some users might also need to read and make notes on a printed document especially if they are travelling to a remote location where Internet access is sketchy.

  • Scan

    One way to digitize your physical documents is to scan it. A multifunction printer with its associated software is capable of sorting and organizing scanned documents. Make sure that it supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create searchable PDF versions of your documents. Scanned documents include metadata which ensures that your employees can find it easily when needed. If properly configured, your multifunction printer can scan and upload directly to your cloud storage provider.

  • Fax

    Multifunction printers let you send and receive faxes without printing. The associated software lets you send your digital document electronically. Likewise, it is capable of storing received faxes straight to your digital storage.

Investing in the right printer for your “paperless” initiative will make it easy to convert your physical documents into digital formats. Keep in mind, however, that converting your physical files is just the first step towards going fully digital, and for that you’ll need a document management system (DMS) to truly reap the benefits.

Rabbit Office Automation (ROA) can help you overcome today’s challenges in a cloud-first world by delivering office automation through digital technologies. With over 30 years of proven track record in providing highly functional, top-quality copier and printing equipment tailored to meet your specific requirements, ROA offers solutions that can eliminate redundancy and efficiency by streamlining your document workflow and helps you reduce waste and environmental impact by using less paper. Talk to our experts today to know your best options.

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