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Why Files, Folders, and Email Attachments are Obsolete

Friday, August 17, 2018

The onward march of technology has greatly impacted the enterprise. Emails and shared drives have replaced memos and filing cabinets, enabling some enterprises to go paperless. But simply handling things digitally is not automation.

To date, the majority of organizations are still struggling with files, folders, and email attachments in their document management systems. Although digital, this is still a manual process that has a lot of downsides. Large files can be hard to send and difficult to attach, folders can be disorganized and confusing, and email attachments can be difficult to open and susceptible to malware. Organizations that are still stuck with files, folders, and email attachments haven’t yet reached the maturity needed to move forward in today’s digitizing economy.

Large files are hard to send and difficult to attach

Transferring large files — whether images, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. — has always been a problem for users and enterprises alike. In the case of email, only 25 MB to 50 MB of file attachments are allowed by most email providers. Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail only allow 25 MB. and offer double that allowable file size, but it's still not enough for most enterprises. And while Dropbox and other cloud storage services are free, these providers only allow from 2-20 GB of storage in an era where Terabyte storage is becoming the new normal.

Folders can be disorganized and confusing

The conventional “folder system” requires a creation, naming, and maintenance structure, and for each message stored in a folder, a manual review is required to determine where to store the message. Also, studies show that the vast majority of items stored in folders are never referenced again. These scenarios make the traditional folder system grossly inefficient for the needs of medium to large enterprises.

Email attachments can be difficult to open and susceptible to malware

Due to storage and file size limits, email attachments are usually zipped into .RAR files and other file zipping formats, which may require third-party software to extract. Recent research also found out that email attachments are responsible for 66% of malware linked to data breaches and other security incidents. Email attachments can install command and control software, allowing attackers (more than 90% from state affiliated groups) to control devices and begin moving laterally within a compromised network.

The need for office automation

Office automation frees you from the challenges brought on by files, folders, and email attachments. When implemented correctly, office automation helps maximize business productivity by increasing operational efficiency. It eliminates redundancy and inefficiency by streamlining document workflow and reduces waste and environmental impact by using less paper and other resources. To minimize the risk not only from possible downtime but also from malware and other threats, office automation helps ensure equipment uptime by delivering high-quality product systems with enhanced security.

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